International Volunteering

“If you change the way you view things,

The things you view will change”

-Wayne Dyer

We do more than international volunteering

We work with you to save lives through our international volunteering programs, but we do a lot more!

We have built stable homes for our kids. We have caregivers that live with the kids 24/7 to give them the best of care.

We go beyond the limits to help orphans. We have gone to the Somalian and Sudanese boarders to help orphans live better.

We give clean water, food, shelter, and counseling to our kids. Abandonment can cause problems for kids. Which is why we work with councilors to help our kids reach their true potential.

Your support will allow us to continue our mission!

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International Volunteering Programs

It takes a lot of work to build and run an orphanage. This is why we allow volunteers to help with the daily tasks.

We are not the same as other programs. Our volunteers work with our staff not a third party partner.

If you like our programs feel free to apply. We like having volunteers be a part of our programs.

Hope to hear from you soon!

One of our volunteers with six local kids

Orphanage Program

It is so much fun to volunteer with orphans. They will warm your heart day after day.

One of our teacher volunteers in a Kitale Kenya primary school

Teaching Program

Teaching in Kenya is a lot of fun. The kids love to learn.