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The Most Affordable Volunteer Program in Kenya

The Abandoned Children’s Foundation (ACF) is a Not-For-Profit Organization (Nonprofit – NGO). One of the benefits when volunteering with a Not-For-Profit over a For-Profit Organization is cost. Most For-Profit organizations charge volunteers a lot of money via Registration Fees, Location Fees, Transportation Fees, and so on… For-Profits will even make you pay for their credit card processing fees, foreign transaction fees, and will not even offer you a refund in the event you are unable to travel.

This is not the case with the ACF. The ACF provides a flat rate – per week program fee with none of the previously mentioned “hidden fees”. With the ACF, your program fees support you on your volunteer trip and helps the children you get to know while volunteering. So do not pay a For-Profit to volunteer abroad. Instead, help us help children in Kenya!

You might ask, “How do my program fees help the children at the orphanage?”.
A portion of your program fees are given to the director of the orphanage. Some of the money is used to purchase groceries for you and the rest is used to provide for the children at the orphanage and help the orphanage keep its door open. Allowing your program fees to do the most good.

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Photos of Volunteer Project in Kitale Kenya

Photos of Orphanage: Guest House, Girls & Boys Dorm

Photos of Guest House Where Volunteers Stay

Photos of School Where Volunteers Teach

International Volunteering

Volunteer in an Orphanage

Volunteer at a School Teaching

Volunteer’s Questions and Answers

It is a lot of work to operate an orphanage. This is why volunteers are a vital part of a not-for-profit running an orphanage. Volunteers have many questions before signing up to volunteer with the ACF. Questions like:

What sets that ACF apart from other organizations?

Our volunteers are placed in Kitale Kenya, where the ACF has a presence and personal relationship with the community. The people around our volunteers are friends, employees, and even family members. Also, the ACF is a not-for-profit with the lowest program fees and a unique volunteer placements.

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You can do more than volunteer

You can become a hero to a child through sponsorship

There are many children at the orphanage in Liavo – Kitale, Kenya that still need sponsorship. Our sponsorship program is unique and different than most.


  • Only 1 sponsor per child.
  • Communication between the sponsor and child is encouraged.
  • Visits from sponsor to the orphanage is encouraged and accomodated.


To learn more about the benefits of sponsoring a child with the ACF Click Here


The ACF is a 501 (C) 3 Public Charity and sponsorship is tax deductible. Click Here to view the ACF’s 50% deductibility status with the IRS.


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